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Paintball like all sports has involved into tournaments were teams compete in a event for prizes, trophy or simply glory. Paintball tournaments are generally played on a flat field of 50meters x  30 meters (7 man) smaller for 5 to 3 man.  They differ from rec paintball mainly with once you are hit you are out and the team goal is to get a flag and bring it back. It is very exciting and the paintballs fly thick and fast. The action is quick and the adrenaline is high.   In addition their are bush ball day were the game is played on the natural fields.
So you have 2 choices and you can pay both

If you are looking into getting into paintball tournaments but do not have a team just go to the training days as there are always other people looking for someone to join with.

Want to improve your paintball / skirmish game, want to go to the next level*!

Training Days are held at the following field

Skirmish Samford 321 Mt Samson Rd Samford Qld 4213 http://www.skirmishsamford.com.au

First Game 9.00am

Last Game 2.00pm

Field Fee $20.00 for members
includes 4500psi fills, site paint only, team pricing

*This is for players who want to improve tournament level play or are interested in starting in paintball tournaments not for beginners who have never played any form of paintball or skirmish.

For more info contact us on the following Email address    


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