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The tactical vest is designed for the player who wants to carry a lot of paint. They also have extra pockets for any other items you want to take out on the field.



 Tactical Vest 140rnd

These tactical vests incorporate a strong durable zip front, sized to fit with adjustable side straps and constructed from lightweight nylon and breathable mesh for ease of motion and comfort.This vest is equipped to carry six 150rnd tubes and has two accessory pockets.

Price:$ 69.00ea One Size Fits All
Available in Black / Olive / Tactical Camo





Empire Battle Tested Vest 140rnd

Fully Loaded with all the features to help you accomplish your mission, the new Empire Battle Tested Vest is constructed from lightweight nylon for ease of motion and comfort even in the heat of battle! This vest is standard with a hydration pouch, holders to carry eight pods and pouches for all the accessories a serious paintball player might need. Get there, complete the mission, and look good doing it with  the Empire Battle Tested Vest!


  • Breathable rugged mesh material.

  • Eight strategically positioned 140-round pod holders.

  • Recoil shooting pad.

  • Built in hydration pouch and tank storage pouch.

  • Radio/cell phone storage pouch.

  • Velcro pull tabs, belt fasteners and adjustable side straps.

  • One size fits all.

Price:$ 89.00ea

Available in Black



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