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Empire Barrel Maid

What makes the Empire Exalt Barrel Maid perform so well is    the revolutionary Rocket Disk. This soft rubber tip glides past broken paint and shell without pushing it farther into the    breech, then balloons up to pull the paint out of your barrel.     No more removing the  barrel or fumbling with a button or plunger under fire! The fluffy end is an absorbent swab to instantly soak up any leftover paint  and dry the barrel after    the Rocket Disk has finished its job. Using the Barrel Maid will  get you back into the game faster.

Colours Available: Red or Brown

Price: $20.00ea

 Power squeegee

The Power Squeegee

The power squeegee is a great product, it without a doubt gives the best clean of all squeegees we have ever seen. However its  only drawback is that to be used on most guns the barrel must  be removed. Not an ideal solution if you are under a lot of   pressure.

Picture shows a yank cable with swab which is the next generation of power squeegees.

Price: $15.00ea

Straight Shot Lanyard Adaptor

Straight Shot Lanyard Adaptor 

Empire Squeegee

The Empire pull-through squeegee is a soft rubber material    that conforms to the barrel shape and forces paint out of your barrel. It also connects into itself to create a loop for easy carry.

Price: $11.00ea


Straight Shot Squeegee

Straight Shot Squeegees

The straight shot squeegee has never  stopped being praised     by players. This squeegee suits every type of paintball gun. Simply depress the end with the rag  with thumb, and   feed  the squeegee down  the barrel. Then release the    squeegee head and pull it and the paint residue from the barrel. Then simply invert the squeegee and dry mop the barrel clean with the rag.

Sizes Available: 10, 12, 14, 16

Colours Available: Black, Blue, Yellow, Red

Price: $12.50 ea.





































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