For over 20 years RPS has been #1 paintball in the world. 

Paintballs are a gelatin outer with a colored food grade dye inside. 

Paintballs come in various colours from  single to 2 tone, striped ,pearl even marbleized.

One  urban myth you cannot freeze paintballs.  Paintball is played all year round which means in the USA and Northern Europe they play in the snow. The paintballs become more brittle the colder it gets.


paintballs boxes

Key Benefits of RPS Paintballs

  • RPS Advantage TM
  • Highest quality and consistency
  • Improved performance in high humidity, rainy climate, or cold weather.


Evil Marballizer Allstar PMI Premium Field Grade
High end tournament grade High end tournament grade Tournament Grade Tournament & High in Field Grade Standard Grade
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