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About the Batteries…
Actually the 9.6v variety of rechargeable battery has just surfaced with in the last two years of paintball and in the whole battery market in general. The misconception of not lasting too long is really derived from poor chargers. No matter how good a battery might be it is really hard to tell if it is not being properly and fully charged. The charger actually is the key to this problem. The next misconception of the 9.6v, is that the extra. 6 of a volt will blow an E-grip. This is not true. If any E-grip or after market board is manufactured as to not handle a minimum of 10 volts and a maximum of 12 volts than it should not be in distribution. These E-grips and after market boards need to accommodate 9.6v because the modern guns and grips require it. Gun techs and electrical savvy people, will support this too. The PowerEx 9.6v rechargeable takes a charge better, is durable, and lasts a lot longer than any other 9v or rechargeable in paintball.

As mentioned before, rechargeable batteries are only as good as the charger. The misconceptions of battery chargers are that they take too long, and are too expensive. Fast charging technology has now become the standard, let’s face it no one wants to wait 8 to 14 hours to charge their batteries. The PowerEx product line of chargers are all designed to charge fast and efficient without damaging the batteries. They do this by a patented hardware chip inside and patented software designed to program this chip. This makes the chargers not only fast, but incredibly smart. The software basically tells the hardware to allow a strong but steady flow of power to the batteries. The batteries are topped off and the charger knows to automatically switch to trickle charge. The Stealth 490F 9v charger can charge in under two hours IN YOUR CAR, as well as at home, same with the MH-C401FS AA charger.

Maha mA battery charger The Maha battery charger now has the added benefit of what is called "Flex Pulse", which means regardless of the batteries capacity, the batteries are charged to their maximum and normal conditioning is no longer necessary as the pulse eliminates the memory effect just by charging the batteries.

You can manually switch the Maha battery charger between the fast charge (100 minutes) or the more gently 5 hour slow charge. The slow charge is cooler and the best option for when your batteries are not urgently needed as this will extend battery life. Charging using the Maha battery charger completeness averages 94% in the fast mode and 97% in the slow mode.


MH-96V170 9V battery
Possibly the most powerful battery in paintball. This true 9.6V rechargeable 9V NiMh battery will power your triggers and hoppers far longer and better than any alkaline or lower quality rechargeable! Fully compatible with all hoppers and triggers that use 9V batteries.

RRP: $19.00 each

PowerEx AA battery rechargable

PowerEx AA
Power your Halo hoppers and other AA powered devices with the longest lasting AA on the market. PowerEx AA 2300mAh batteries are the ultimate power in paintball.

Sold in a 4 pack
$25.30 per pack
Also available
Rechargeable Batteries
2 pack - $11.00 per pack


















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