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Paintball Goggles / Paintball Masks

Your paintball mask or paintball goggle is the singular most important piece of your paintball kit. There is no avoiding wearing it on the field and simply cannot be removed. Such a critical item deserves special consideration, If you don't pick the right mask, you will suffer through your days of play and be forced to find one that better suits your needs.

Paintball Masks come in a range of sizes, shapes, looks and prices. If you are looking for a good quality paintball mask you will want to check out our selection of goggles over $50 . Our less expensive paintball masks tend to have single lenses that fog and less comfortable foam lining. The foam is one of the most important parts of the paintball mask since it is what makes contact with your face and keeps you comfortable. Fit and comfort along with vision and thermal anti fog lenses are the 4 pillars of a great paintball mask.
Contact us for advice on the best options on paintball masks for your price range.

Paintball Australia stocks 4 leading brand of Paintball Goggles:-

Paintball Australia Empire Logo
Empire Goggles

Paintball Australia invert logo
Invert Goggles

Paintball Australia jt logo
JT Goggles  and JT Vortex 2 fan

Extreme rage logo
Extreme Rage Goggles

Other Paintball Goggle products

Paintball Australia vents and invert lenses
Empire EVS/Vents/Invert Lenses

JT Lenses

Paintball Australia x-ray lenses
X-Ray Lenses

Mask with paint splatter
Cleaning Gear


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