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 Paintball Australia Web Changes

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our paintball web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.                  

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Empire Axe 2 Paintball marker [New!]Empire AXE 2
Empire EVS Goggle [New!]Empire EVS Goggles
Empire -E-vents -Goggles [New!]Empire E-Vents Goggles
[New!]Empire Empire Dfender-Aus
[New!] Empire e-Flex Skull Goggle
[New!] Empire e-Flex Lenses/Vents Lenses
[New!] Empire Mini GS
[New!] Empire Trracer
[New!] Empire Vanquish
[New!] Jt Impulse
[New!] Empire Resurrection

[New!] Empire eFLEX  Goggles
  [New!] Dfender-Aus Paintball Marker


[New!] New Training and events dates posted


[New!] DYE DAM Paintball Marker


[New!] BT-4 Combat Slice Paintball Marker
BT Rip Clip [New!]NEW Empire Rip-Clip now fits BT-4 TM and Omega
[New!]NEW Empire Apex2 Barrel Fits BT-4 Combat and A5
[New!]NEW 12 Gram Quick Change Adaptor
[New!]NEW 10 Round Tube
BT 10 rnd Magazine [New!]SA17 Spring Feed Magazine for BT Guns
[New!]NEW ER3 Paintball Marker!
[New!]NEW Invert Mini Paintball Marker! Check out the Special Package!

[New!] New Gun Barrels for BT-4 Combat and A5 Markers!

[New!] 12gram Co2 also known as Daisy12grams.

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