Events are held at the following field: Skirmish Samford 321 Mt Samson Rd Samford Qld 4213 http://www.skirmishsamford.com.au
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Fort Fight 5  Sunday April 19th 2015

Fort Fight 6 Sunday 21st June 2015

Fort Fight 7 Sunday 15th November 2015

Fort fight 7 entry .pdf

3 teams, 1 mighty Fortress and one hell of a Fight

Each team will take turns defending the fort from the other 2 teams and the team that holds the fort the longest will be the winner. Victory will be when all the 10 victory stations that will be located in and around the fort and fort field are held by the attackers. With a 2 to 1 advantage the attackers will win the only thing that matters is how long the defenders can hold on for. It is going to be a battle, but strong defensive positions will level it out a fair bit. 

This one is straight up a fight, no story line, no scenario just balls to the wall defence against the odds. A game could be 10mins or 2 hours, it's going to be great and something that over the years will get bigger and better. It makes sense for Samford to have this as the field is perfect for it. That fort commanding the high ground is going to be tough to take, but the attackers can attack from any direction and the defenders will need a floating defence to buy as much time as possible.

Entry fee covers field fees, air, 2 cases of Heat paintball (4000 paintballs total) and BBQ for lunch. Professional Reffs from Reffs Inc.
There will be an option to upgrade to a higher grade of paint

Hire equipment available if required 

Markers, well we intend to take the players skill and Marker into account when we allocate them to the team pools so we are confident that the teams will be balanced. The leveller will be that you can only use the paint you have on you. No dropping a stock pile on the field either. So if you rip thru your paint and run out in 10mins youre screwed. So as long as your marker is 75cm long and not pushing the Cat R boundaries, just chrono on and play hard.

Acts of Valour awards. The Reffs get 5-20 (depends on the size of the event) acts of velour awards each for each game. They award them to players that they note for on field acts, fair play, leading the action, holding out against the odds ect. The players redeem these for raffle tickets at the counter to go into a prize draw. The prize pool will be dependent to the size of the event. We will track the players that return the awards and the player that gets the most will join the ranks of the warrior elite and get their well deserved memento.

Gates open 7:30am
Registration 8:00am-9:00am
Team Draw 9:00am 9:30am
Team Planing 9:30-10:00
First Game 10:00am

Team selections
3 graded player pools for team selection (Random Draw). Team selection will be broken into the pools. If there are 60 Pool A players we will add 20 blue, 20 Green and 20 White Wristbands. Each player will come forward and lucky dip for a wristband colour. That wrist band will immediately put on the player and they will join that team. This will happen with each player pool.
Pool A Experienced players
Pool B Intermediate players
Pool C Newer players
So bear in mind no mater what team you and your friends end up on you will be able to fight side by side for 2/3s of the time and cross swords as well. So don't let the random team draw put you off.

Defending teams cannot leave the boundaries of the fort field. They can start the game in any part of the fort field. Penalty zone for the defenders is the centre room of the fort which will be a neutral zone. Defenders can refill air from there. Air trailer will be located there.
Defenders get 2 armbands one each arm. When hit they report to the penalty zone and surrender an armband. Upon loosing the 2nd arm band that defender is eliminated.
Defenders are identified by the arm bands (only defenders will have arm bands)

Attacking teams will start at the main gun rack and the Demo Alley tunnels. Attackers can move thru any of the playing fields to attack the Fort. Air will be at the Gun Rack and Tournament field safe area for the Attackers to re-gas from. Attackers when hit go to the Main Gun Rack or Tunnels to re-spawn. Attackers re-spawn every 15 mins.

Team Commanders
I'll be approaching some inspiring characters to be the 3 commanders. This will give a focus and some leadership to the randomly drawn teams.

We will play 6 games over the day, so every team can defend twice. And the team that holds the longest time wins. If the Fort Fight games wrap up quicker than expected, it will not be a problem. I'm going to have a 3 way Big Game to round out the day for a 4:30 finish. I'll have a back up 2 team Big Game plan ready to allow for player drop off. So no matter what it will be a very full day!


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