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EVS Goggles

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Empire EVS Goggle

The Empire® E-Vents™ Goggle System Empire has created the most innovative goggle available in paintball with a distinct, modern look and unique lens design.
Empire has combined cutting edge design with input from our vastly experienced players to create the unique EVS goggle. Our goggle is at the forefront of innovative design and unlike any mask in paintball, where the wide-view spherical lens is seamlessly part of the overall goggle. EVS is the apex of technology, appearance, protection, and breathability, all in one serious kickass goggle.
empire evs goggles 3 diferent colours

Quick and simple, tool-free lens replacement

Distortion free spherical lens with 270_degree field of vision

ATSM approved mask provides maximum eye protection

Dual-pane lens creates a thermal barrier to reduce fogging

Scratch-resistant and anti-reflective lens that blocks 100% of harmful UVA/B radiation

Flexible, co-injection moulded lower skirt encourages ball bounces

Triple density face foam with moisture-wicking fleece ball bounces

Silicone backed head strap for a secure, non-slip fit

Thermo-formed ear for maximum comfort and excellent hearing

Protective micro-fibre goggle bag

 RRP: $225.00ea

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