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Empire Goggles

Paintball Australia empire evs goggles

 EVS Goggles
Empire has created the most innovative goggle available in paintball with a distinct, modern look and unique lens design.
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RRP:   $225.00 ea

empire eflex goggles

eFlex Goggles

Combining the best features of the Empire® E-Vent™ and JT ProFlex™ paintball goggles, Empire Paintball has created the e-Flex™ goggle system. more info

RRP: $145.00ea

empire events lens

E-Vents Goggles

The Empire® E-Vents™ Goggle System is a low profile goggle system designed to present a minimum target. Made of a soft and flexible dual-density material for comfort. more info

RRP: $95.00ea

Paintball Australia replacement lens

For Replacement Lenses or Straps for these Goggles click here

Paintball Australia anti-fog Anti-Fog Cleaner
We receive a lot of calls about fogging, a thermal lens will help to prevent fogging as it has 2 lenses one outside one inside.  The gap between the 2 lenses acts as a thermal barrier to resist fogging. The disadvantage of this system is the inside lens is very easy to scratch so a micro fiber combined with this cleaner will help with keeping the inside lens scratch free.

Vital for protecting your lens is an anti fog lens cleaner.

Extreme Rage anti fog cleaner is the best we've ever tested. $7.00 ea.

lens cleanerPaintball Australia micro-fiber cloth


The Extreme Rage Anti fog Cleaner and the Extreme Rage Micro-Fiber Cloth




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