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BT-4 Combat Accessories

BT-4 accessories are factory made to ensure high quality, perfect fitting parts that will enhance the performance of your BT-4 Paintball Marker. We also stock a comprehensive range of factory parts so if your after a specific part call or email us.


BT-4 Combat Accessories

                 BT 1913 barrel with rails

BT-4 1913 BARREL

Fits BT-4 & A5 Markers

*Multi-option picatinny rail mount
*Realistic removable barrel shroud

*2 sizes available in 14" & 20" Barrels

RRP: $119.00 each - 14"
          $129.00 each - 20"


Tippmann Sniper Barrel side profile

TippmanN Sniper Barrel

Fits BT-4 & A5 Markers

*Superior Performance
*Greater Distance & Accuracy Over Standard Barrel
*Micro-honed and Polished Inside and Out for Precision and Accuracy

 *Available in 14" & 16" Barrels

RRP: $99.00 each


BT Invert Nghtstick 14 carbon barrel side vie

invert nightstick 14" carbon fibre barrel

Fits BT-4 and A5 Markers

*Extremely Lightweight
*Made with State of the Art Technology
*Aluminium Threading
*Ported Barrel
*One Piece Internal Bore

*14" Barrel

RRP: $69.00 each

APex 2 Barrell

BT APEX2 Barrel System

*Adjustable ramp switch for desired level of curve
*Nine adjustment spin positions to hit your target
*Durable aluminum construction
*Toolless disassembly for easy maintenance
*On/Off capability
*Left and right hook drop shot and long flat trajectory shots with the twist of the barrel

RRP: $69.00 each

BT-4 double triger kit side profile

bt-4 double Trigger kit

Double trigger kit allows for much faster triggering resulting in a higher balls per second count. Installation is quick and easy and a must for all serious players.

RRP: $27.00 each

 BT-4 Combat Electronic Trigger in Frame

bt-4 electronic grip frame

*Complete replacement grip
*Double trigger
*Sleek push button controls
*Semi-Auto Only
*Fits all bT-4 markers

RRP: $139.00 each
BT-4 Rip Clip all angles
bt-4 rip clip HOPPER

*Fits all TM, BT-4, and Omega series markers
easy installation
*force feed, sound-activated, with rIP Drive
*holds over 200 paintballs
*designed exclusive for the bT-4 & M-98 markers*
*8000-shot battery life
*features patented halo technology

*Excludes m-98 platinum

RRP: $99.00 each.

  BT-4 FoldingvGrip side view


3 different vertical and lock in positions
*easy release push button adjustment
*lightweight ultra durable frame design
*folds away for storage or transport
*Fits on picatinny rails
*If your gun has picatinny / 1913 rails this foregrip will fit. we have even seen them on Remington 7600.

RRP: $64.90 each

BT-4 45 offset pcatinnny rail

bt-4 45 offset picatinny rail

Offset design allows for sight mounting at 45 so your sight will not interfere with your hopper.
If your gun has picatinny / 1913 rails this foregrip will fit. we have even seen them with lasers attached.

RRP: $49.00 each

              BT-4 Combat Expansion Kit Front View    

bt-4 expansion chamber

It improves accuracy, comfort and co2 performance by eliminating liquid gas getting into the valve. This is a great option if you are using co2.
It includes all components necessary to upgrade your marker.

RRP: $79.00 each

  BT-4 Combat Player Part Kit Front View

bt-4 parts kit

Includes a Full Range of Common Required Replacement Parts:-

1 x linkage arm, 1 x Ball Detent, 1 x Shock Absorber O-Ring,
1 x Rear Bolt O-Ring, 2 x Lower Receiver Screw, 1 x Lower Receiver Nut, 1 x Valve Screw, 1 x Short Receiver Bolt,
1 x Long Receiver Bolt, 1 x Sear Spring, 1 x Drive Spring


RRP: $19.50 each

BT-4 Combat Spring Kit front view

bt-4 spring kit

With this kit you now have two avenues to adjust velocity. One is the factory velocity screw, the second is with this spring kit. it has 5 colour coded springs from ultra light to hard to customize the pressure on the rear bolt to adjust velocities.

RRP: $14.00 each

  BT Spring Feed 10rd magazine

bt SA-17prin Feed 10 Round Mag

Replaces Picatinny feed Elbows
Low Profile
Feed Tube Mounts Forward or Backwards
Quick Reload 
10round Tubes to Carry paint
available $1.75 ea

RRP: $46.00 each

BT Tactical Sling top view


The BT Tactical Sling attaches to your Vest for a secure stable mounting point. Small and lightweight, it stays out of your way and still performs as needed. The release clip allows for quick disconnecting of your BT marker

RRP: $23.10 each

BT Sling Adapter Set also fits any picattiny rail


The BT Sling Adapter Set contains two adapters that mount to the Picatinny rails of your marker and supports the use of a gun sling (sold separately). Use one adapter with a single-point sling, like the BT Bungee Sling, or both with a three-point sling. The swivel design spins freely and prevents the sling from getting tangled when on the move. Transport your marker hands-free using the Sling Adapter Set and the Bungee Sling from BT Paintball.

RRP: $25.30 each

BT Front and Rear Flip-Up Sights

front and rear flip-up sights

The BT Front and Rear Sights were designed to fit any BT Picatinny Rail System. These user friendly sights are an excellent choice for any scenario player looking for more accuracy out of their shots. The Front and Rear Sights easily install and detach from your marker in seconds and are adjustable. The BT design team created these Front and Rear Sights from durable polymer composites which allow you to be a little more rugged while battling it out.


  • Fits any BT Picatinny Rail System
  • Adjustable Up and Down Positions
  • Created from durable polymer composites
  • Easy installation and removal
  • RRP: $27.50 each

    bt headband headwrap 2 profiles

    BT Headwrap and Headband

    The BT Headwrap/Headband combo is great for protecting an exposed forehead and keeping sweat out of your eyes. With BT the Headwrap and Headband is a package deal. The terry cloth pad will absorb sweat and offer padding from those pesky paintball hits.

    RRP: $29.00ea



































































































































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