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The Empire Super Freak Paintball Barrel Kit its a three-piece barrel consisting of a front section (tip), a back section (back) and five sized, aluminum inserts.  The inserts are used to match the size of the paintball to the barrel to create the most accurate and consistent barrel system available. All of the Super Freak's parts come with a deluxe storage bag that you can put into your gear bag and keep things organized.
The threaded sections of the Super Freak have an o-ring to prevent the barrel from vibrating loose when fired.   There are also two o-rings within the barrel back to keep the insert from sliding out of the barrel.  Replace and lubricate with Empire SL33K grease as necessary.

 5 bore inserts to accommodate virtually any size paint for greater accuracy and  efficiency. Sizes-.675,.680,.685,.690, and .695.
 14 Carbon Fiber tip-ultra-lightweight carbon fiber ported barrel for straight and quiet shots.
 17 APEX2 Barrel tip-enables you to bend your shots left, right, up, and down.
 14 Aluminum barrel tip-ported barrel with reduced drag, improving accuracy & hit percentages.
 Aluminum barrel back-compatible with all original Freak Barrel Kits.
 Deluxe super psychedelic travel case.
 Available for BT-4/A-5 threads

RRP: $235.00

                 Paintball Australia bt-4 barrel



"Fits BT-4 & A5 Markers only"

BT-4 1913 BARREL

*Multi-option picatinny rail mount
*Realistic removable barrel shroud

*2 sizes available in 14" & 20" Barrels

RRP: $119.00 each - 14"
          $129.00 each - 20"


Paintball Australia invert nightstick barrel
"Fits BT-4 & A5 Markers only"

invert nightstick 14" carbon fibeR barrel

*Extremely Lightweight
*Made with State of the Art Technology
*Aluminium Threading
*Ported Barrel
*One Piece Internal Bore

*14" Barrel

RRP: $89.00 each


Paintball Australia a5 sniper barrel

"Fits BT-4 & A5 Markers only"

TippmanN Sniper Barrel

*Superior Performance
*Greater Distance & Accuracy Over Standard Barrel
*Micro-honed and Polished Inside and Out for Precision and Accuracy

 *Available in 14" & 16" Barrels

RRP: $99.00 each



Pipe Screw-n Barrel System

The Pipe system is 2 fold first you have the backs which come in either a set of 3 or 5 then you chose you front to make up the overall length.  Whatever paintball gun you choose the pipe system will get you the best paintball flight out of you marker. Once you have your pipe system you match you back up to the paint you are using for ultimate performance.

Evil Pipe Kits - the pipes The smoothest barrel ever with a micro finish of 2 to 5 micro inches.
Angled porting
that aids in cleaning and takes the turbulence off the ball to put it out there
long and straight.

Systems for the following:-

Autococker, Angel, Spy/Pir, Model98, Impulse, Shocker, ICD

Simply Awesome System!!
Pipe cover from Pipe Screw-n Barrel System Evil Pipe Kits
NOW $99.00ea

Bore sizes:
.683    .686    .689    .692   .695 

Evil Pipe Fronts
NOW $39.00ea




























































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