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Okay guys it time for tactical gears that's looks good and performs better to meet you needs as a back to the bush player or the serious recreational baller. The rock solid meter is off the scale when you gear up with Paintball Australia!

































































Empire Tactical Vest 150rnd

These tactical vests incorporate a strong durable zip front, sized to fit with adjustable side straps and constructed from lightweight nylon and breathable mesh for ease of motion and comfort.This vest is equipped to carry six 150rnd tubes and has two accessory pockets.

Price: $ 69.00 ea One Size Fits All

Available in Black / Olive / Tactical Camo


Empire Battle Tested Vest 140rnd

Fully Loaded with all the features to help you accomplish your mission, the new Empire Battle Tested Vest is constructed from lightweight nylon for ease of motion and comfort even in the heat of battle! This vest is standard with a hydration pouch, holders to carry eight pods and pouches for all the accessories a serious paintball player might need. Get there, complete the mission, and look good doing it with  the Empire Battle Tested Vest!


  • Breathable rugged mesh material.

  • Eight strategically positioned 140-round pod holders.

  • Recoil shooting pad.

  • Built in hydration pouch and tank storage pouch.

  • Radio/cell phone storage pouch.

  • Velcro pull tabs, belt fasteners and adjustable side straps.

Price:$ 115.00 ea One Size Fits All

Available in Black



Remote Line
If you are looking to run with your bottle on your back you will require a remote line. To do this you will need a pack, harness or a vest to carry the bottle either Co2 or Air. To satisfy your states legal length for your paint gun you may require a stock.

  • Professional Quality 3000 psi rated Working Pressure.
  • Flexible Coiled Design Allows Outstanding Range of Motion
  • ASTM Standard Male Adapter
  • Connector fits any Marker with ASTM
  • Compliant Threaded Interface
  • Quick Disconnect Attachment

 RRP: $65.00ea
Note: All paintguns sold have a ASTM female adapter

Double Pouch with 2 x 100rnd tubes and 2inch wed belt
Available in Black Only

ER Speed Packs 2+1w/- Belt   
Designed to hold a air or gas bottle and 2 x 100rnd loaders includes a 2inch wed belt

Available in Black or Camo

Loaders and bottles sold separately

pcs glove, tatical glove

PCS Mil-Spec SWAT gloves

Sizes: S,M,L,XL    Available in Black 

BT Headwrap and Headband
The BT Headwrap/Headband combo is great for protecting an exposed forehead and keeping sweat out of your eyes. With BT the Headwrap and Headband is a package deal. The terry cloth pad will absorb sweat and offer padding from those pesky paintball hits.
RRP: $29.00ea


PCS, ACU Digital T-Shirts in Urban and Jungle

RRP: $19.00ea


The BT Tactical Sling attaches to your Vest for a secure stable mounting point. Small and lightweight, it stays out of your way and still performs as needed. The release clip allows for quick disconnecting of your BT marker

RRP: $23.10 each

PCS 3 Tactical 3 Point Sling

RRP: $35.20ea
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