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Paintball Australia twin pouches

Double Pouch with 2 x 100rnd tubes and 2inch wed belt
Available in Black Only
Paintball Australia 4 pack loader
4 Pack Loader with Tubes 


Available in sizes: Medium & X-Large (Velcro- easy fit)

Paintball Australia er 4+1 pack

Extreme Rage Field Pack 4+1(bottle holder) with 4 100rnd tubes

 NOTE: Comes with 4 Loaders but no bottle.

Paintball Australia er 6+1 bottle holder pack

Extreme Rage 6+1 (bottle holder) Pack $25.00ea
Loaders and bottles sold separately

Paintball Australia 2+1 speed pad with belt

ER Speed Packs 2+1w/- Belt   
Designed to hold a air or gas bottle and 2 x 100rnd loaders includes a 2inch wed belt

Available in Black or Camo

Loaders and bottles sold separately

10 rnd Tube

10 Round Tubes
Holds 10 Paintballs

With Lid

Just $1.70ea


Extreme rage single pod

100 Round Tubes / Pods
Holds 100 Paintballs

Available in Clear and Orange

Just $2.50ea


Exreme rage pods, avail in clear yellow and red

Extreme Rage Tube/Pods
Hold 150rnd Paintballs

Available in Clear

Just $4.00ea


Evil chrome pods

Evil Chrome Tube/Pods
Holds 150 paintballs


Evil Smoked Tube/Pods
Holds 150 paintballs



Extreme rage harness and tubes for paintballs

Extreme Rage Packs

The alternative if EVIL is not your thing                                          

ER Bullet packs come in 3 w 2, 4 w 3, 5 w 4

Also 3 + 0, 4 + 0                                    Call for availability       $79.00ea  

Paintball Australia tactical vest 100

Tactical Vest 100

These tactical vests incorporate a strong durable zip front, sized to fit with adjustable side lacing.  Shoulder pad has synthetic rubber to stabilize gun mount. Has a Bottle Holder, three pockets for accessories, has provision on one of the pockets for Velcro name tag if desired.  Also includes up to 10 x 100 round tube holders which can be adjusted to sit either vertically or horizontally for many variations of pod holding. So you can carry up to 1000 rounds. Has adjustable shoulder Velcro. You can even put a Velcro name plate on the back, has belt loops and a drag handle.

Price: $75.00ea One Size Fits All

*Includes 6 x 100 round Tubes/Pods

Available in: Black / Olive

As a player be it beginner or veteran you need to be able to carry extra paint with you so you can feed your hopper.
Tubes or Pods are for carrying paintballs either 100rounds or 150rounds
Packs are for carrying Tubes/Pods
There are many packs available to suit your individual style

























































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