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Paintball Australia can supply all you field operation needs from paintballs to oil.

Field Operators give us a call to discuss your needs!

Thinking of starting a paintball field?? Give us a call.

Below are some speciality items designed for field usage.

Paintball Australia er x-ray goggle black front

 X-Ray 2.0 Rental Goggle System  
Great buying more for field operators

Replacement lens frame combo
Replacement field straps
Available to reduce running cost
  • New Field strippable design simply remove ONE tool-less pin and the markers opens up for maintenance
  • Maintenance can be performed in the field while under air pressure


Fingerless Gloves

Uniforms / Overalls

Groin Cups

Neck Protectors

Body Armour

Extreme Rage Marker Oil 32oz bottle

Specialised marker oil for paintball guns

Don't bother with repairing your old pin valves just replace with these new ones at a fantastic price.
Extreme Rage Field Pack 4+1(bottle holder) with 4 x 100rnd tubes
Call us for great pricing!
NOTE: Comes with 4 Loaders but no bottle.




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