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Evil paintball, yellow, small



Midevil paintball, greenMidevil pantball, redMidevil Paintballs

Midevil brand of professional grade paintballs. Midevil has the consistency and accuracy that takes everyday players to the next level, and keeps professionals at the top of their game. Midevil comes in two great fill colours, pink and orange, and it always leaves its bright, colourful fill where it belongs: on its target.





Ultra Evil Paintballs

Does your paint have Grand Canyon sized seams, oily shells, football shaped shells? Accept our sympathy. Unfortunately for the competition, we have our shit together and know how to make a ball. We know when your paint bag looks like the exxon valdez wrecked inside, you're in trouble. We also don't think it is a good thing when there are flat spots that look like your mentally challenged cousin who was dropped by his mom. All in all, it just comes down to doing it right the first time, every time.

For those out of the loop, ask Aftershock, the kings of world cup and arguably the most prolific paintball team ever just how good 'evil' paint was and is now. Ask a quite a few pro teams who sneak Evil paint in their loaders when games really matter. We can't publish the guilty but just think kids, some teams get paid to shoot certain paint and it sucks bad enough that those who want to win, even when they have to chose between paying or free, bottom line is, they choose EVIL. Now you too can shoot the best.

Ask KAPP factory. They just lost an event because while they were able to shoot every EFT player on the field, they bounced the last player several times. As that player, Brian Hansas, then proceeded to shoot his way from a 3 on 1 to a 1 on 1, then not only shoot the loader of the last KAPP player but then bunker him for good measure. Brian played outstanding, and HIS paint was up for the challenge and the Victory. And Winning is what EVIL is all about.








Evil paintball box, 2000 rounds


Evil paintball box, 2000 rounds





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