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$199.00ea gun only
1 left in Blue
Evil pimp blu paintball gun

Pimp Kit

Pimp Specifications:

*Electro-Pneumatic Open Bolt

*Un-Capped Board for insane rate of fire

*Trigger sensitivity, Ball delay are adjustable electronically

*Adjustable ROF (eye off)

*Break Beam ACE System
15/16-12 DL Barrel Threads (same as impulse markers)

*Adjustable Respirator LPR

*Evil 300 PSI LPR Gauge
*Twist Lock Teflon Bolt - no visible bolt pin

*Dual Ball Detents

*Tray-less Trigger Frame

*Shortstack Feed Tube with o-rings to fit different hoppers

*Magnesium Eye Covers

*Magnesium Trigger

*On/Off Bottomline


*Detonator Vertical Regulator

*Pipe Barrel Tip, stock .689

*PimpKit back

*Evil Punch 2

*Barrel Centering O-ring

*Evil Grips

*1 oz Tube Pus

All Paintball Guns are classed as firearms and may only be owned by holders of a longarm shooters license. To purchase you must provide a PTA (permit to acquire) or your state equivalent Tournament ready just add air tank and hopper





























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