Co2 Co2 bottles most common sizes are 12oz or 20oz. Look below at our range of Co2 gear. We also stock the 12 gram Co2 cartridges.
CO2Features: Repeater valve

*Recessed valve connects easy and conveniently

* Durable brass fitting

*Gladiator CO2 systems are extremely reliable at every level of play

*Australian Tested and Approved.
Ready to fill


Co2 Repeater valve  


On-Off Valve             

Available in (ounces)                   

12oz Tank w  pin valve -RRP
: $66.00 ea

12oz Tank on/off valve -RRP: $73.00 ea 

20oz Tank w  pin valve
$75.00 ea

20oz Tank w on/off valve -
$80.00 ea

Butt Plates

*Pushes on to the bottom of the bottle to form a shoulder stock / rest

*12 or 20oz Co2 butt plates

Paintball Australia butt plates RRP: $7.70 ea
Pin Valves

*Full replacement Co2 pin Valve with on / off tap                   

    RRP $17.50 ea

Burst Disc

*3k Burst Disk for Co2 Bottles 

Paintball Australia burst disc      RRP: $4.00 ea

Co2 12gram
12g co2 cartridge

*Single use 12 gram Cartridge

*Non Threaded

*Prefilled with Co2

*Also used in Air guns and Air pistols, Some air soft guns non threaded

*Commonly called Daisy 12grams or Gammo 12grams, Soda Bulbs, bicycle co2 mini pumps.


Cannot be shipped by post
Courier only
Email us you qty suburb and post code so we can advise courier cost

12g co2 cartridge12g co2 cartridge
QTY Price Total
15 $2.00 $30.00
30 $2.00 $60.00
45 $1.90 $85.50


12gram Quick Change Adaptor

The quick change uses a single 12g disposable cylinder. It comes with a standard thread adaptor that is compatible with all standard paintball gun and makers
Can put out about 15 to 20 shots


12 gram Co2 Quick Change
                     RRP: $30.00 each

Bottle O-Rings

Bottle O-Rings, Teflon,
White for CO2 Tanks and Air.

RRP: $2.00 ea

Bottle O-Ring - White pack of 10

White, Teflon for CO2 Tanks and Air.

RRP: $15.00 ea

Fill Stations

Empire CO2 Deluxe Fill Station. 
  • Dual Handle
  • Dump & fill valve
  • ASA Included

RRP: $159.00 ea

Paintball Australia fill station scale

Fill Station Scale

The Pure Energy Fill Station Scale is an ideal new generation weighing device. Provides high accuracy and reliable performance in an easy to use portable design. It also has the functions of taring, zero tracking, auto shut-off and changeable unit.

RRP: $71.50 ea

Filling CO2 Bottles

Always weigh the bottle when completely empty (not after chilling.) Never fill your bottle over the recommended weight. A bottle cannot be accurately filled without the use of a scale to determine weight (you cannot determine the fill by listening, counting etc.).
Do not use non DOT approved bottles or valves. Do not use bottles which show any signs of cracks, defects, etc.
If your burst disk (located on the valve) shows any signs of leakage, it must be replaced immediately. The burst disk is a safety precaution on the bottle which bursts, allowing CO2 to escape if the pressure becomes to great. The replacement of this disk and washer must be done by an experienced person. Also inspect the valve regularly to ensure the valve is not loosening from the CO2 bottle. If you ever have doubt never fill the bottle in question and seek out an experienced person to inspect and carry out the repairs with the right parts.









































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